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Level and game design have always been interests of mine. In the past few years I've been given access to the industry and I'm currently pursuing game design as a career.

What drives players around levels and what makes some maps more played than others are topics in level design that have always fascinated me.

Listed below are a number of levels I've designed, the most recent two being for Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3.


Band Hero DS Guitar Hero World Tour Tony Hawks Proving Ground Spiderman 3 Tony Hawks Downhill Jam


Halflife 2 "Thumper"

Halflife 2: Episode 2 - Thumper( Details )

Left 4 Dead "Echo"

Left 4 Dead - Point Echo( Details )

Fallout 3 "Zoo Industries"

Fallout 3 - Zoo Industries( Details )

Team Fortress 2 "2 Farm"

Team Fortress 2 - 2 Farm( Details )

Portal Map "Part 1"

Portal - Part 1 ( Details )

Portal Map "Part 2"

Portal - Part 2 ( Details )

Day of Defeat Source "No Mans Land"

Day of Defeat: Source - No Man's Land( Details )

Level Design Study "The Room"

Level Design Study - The Room( Details )

Lineage 2 Mod "Good vs Evil"

Lineage 2 (Gameplay Conversion Mod) - Good Vs Evil( Details )

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